Seller Support & FAQ

We want to make sure the sellers experience at Foxies Panties is above your expectations. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, of any questions not addressed in this FAQ, please reach out to our seller support team at

Can I Be Safe And Discrete?
Absolutely. We take your safety and privacy to the highest possible concern, and we've made our system built around the protection of your information. These are a few things to note:
  • Location. The return address on the provided shipping labels will read our company return address. Do not write your personal address on the shipment information. Your seller profile will display a Google Map of any area you choose. You can set your location to any city, state, zip code, or country by entering your location in the Edit Profile section of your account. Never use your entire address.
  • Profile Info. You are encouraged to use a photo of your face as your profile photo, however we recommend taking a brand new photo that has not been publicly uploaded on the internet. This is because images can be reverse searched, and your social profiles can be found if they are publicly available. You can set your own profile name however you'd like, but it's safest to use an alias.
  • Communication With Buyer. As a seller you will sometimes be in communication with your buyer. Please do not reveal any identifiable information such as name, location or phone number to the buyer. Please report all harassment or threats to customer support. If needed, we also work with local authorities. Do not ever suggest or agree to meet the buyer in a public or private area for the exchange of the panties.

  • How Do I Register As A Panty Seller?
    You can register as a seller by registering here. To register you must be at least 18 years of age, and have a valid photo ID or passport, no exceptions.

    What Should I Know About Selling?
    It is strongly advised that you have a printer to print the shipping labels you will be provided. If you do not have a printer, you can print the labels at your local library. If neither of these are possible, it is your responsibility to visit a local USPS facility to purchase a trackable shipping service. You are responsible for your own shipping materials, including shipping tape, ziplock bags, and manila envelopes or bubble mailers. Treat this as your own business and you'll maximize your earnings.

    Are There Any Fees To Sell?
    At Foxies Panties, we take on the risk and liability involved with processing high risk payments. This includes transaction fees, reserve fees, and asset liability, on top of website maintenance, admin operations, and marketing costs. This leaves room for you as the seller to be worry free of the legal side of business, and all other complicated issues involved. Luckily all we ask in return are two things.
  • Monthly Subscription. We ask a flat $10 monthly seller fee. Sellers can pay their monthly fee in their Seller Account, and is payable via Paypal.
  • Processing Fee. To cover our processing fees and liability, a processing fee of 20% will be applied to each order. You can track your revenue and profits directly in your Seller Dashboard.

  • How Do I Get Verified?
    We verify all sellers free of charge. Seller verification must occur before you are able to post your panties. The verification process starts with your seller application - you are required to upload two photos. One is your valid government ID or passport, clearly showing your face, name, and DOB. The second photo must be a selfie showing your ID up to your face for extra verification. These photos will not be posted nor shared anywhere online, and are stored internally to follow 18 USC 2257 Compliance.

    How And When Will I Be Paid?
    We've created a system which creates trust between our buyers, our sellers, and our company as a whole. As a seller, you are trusted by the buyer to fulfill the order. Sometimes due to personal reasons not in your control, you may not be able to fulfill an order on time, or an order may slip through your schedule without realizing it. When this happens, customer may lose trust and demand a refund. For this reason, we will pay your orders 10 days after your package has been confirmed as delivered via the USPS tracking system.

    You will be paid via Paypal or money order with certified (signature required) mail. There is a $5 processing fee, and $100 minimum payout for all money order payouts.

    How Do I Create A Product Listing?
    When your seller account has been approved, you'll be able to login to your seller account to edit your profile, add products, and much more. Adding products is easy. Click on the Add Products link in your account and enter the information step by step. You can set your own custom options and prices as well. To make this process easy for you, you will have a template already setup for you in your account. You can easily duplicate this product as many times as you'd like, and simply change out the photos. Make sure every product has the correct color, size, material and panty type associated with it. This will help the buyers find your products much more easily when they use a filter search. Products can also be denied by an admin for missing or inaccurate information, poor image quality, etc. You will receive email or text notification if this happens.

    What Happens After I Sell My Panties?
    Congrats on your first sale! You'll receive an order notification email, as well as a text notification if you registered for this service when you created your account. This will tell you exactly what panties to wear, how long to wear them, and what other kinky things to do to them. If the customer purchased a photo set, you will need to supply photos of you wearing the panties as they ordered them. After wearing the panties, package them up nicely in a ziploc bag while pushing as much air out as possible. Make sure they are dry to prevent mildew growth during shipping. Print the shipping label associated with the order (this is found in your account under Manage Orders), and ship the panties. Please mark the order as complete to make sure you get paid for them.

    What Are Some Panty Selling Tips?
    We're happy to offer you some quick tips to get you going! Please visit our Panty Selling Guide for more information.