Panty Selling Guide

If you're new here, we've put together a few tips and tricks to get you started earning great money selling your used panties online.

1. Take Quality Photos.

It's important that you take high quality images for your product photos. Small, dark, or grainy photos will detract from our website, and will not be approved. We recommend photos in sunlight for optimal results. Photos should have a width of no less than 500px, and should be at least 100kb. The best selling sellers will post two to four selfies in different poses while wearing the panties. Pop your booty! Successful sellers know how to pose correctly to get their best angles. Use mirrors and creative poses to get the best out of your photos.

2. Wash Your New Panties.

One of the easiest things you can do to make your customers as happy with the smell as possible, is to wash all brand new, store bought panties. Studies have shown that washing your panties 2 to 4 times before listing them for sale, will help diminish the "new panty smell" that often times overrides your own fragrance. Other tips include storing your new panties in the dirty laundry hamper, or wearing multiple panties on top of each other throughout the day. This works even better when you're working on an order, as it makes the panties on the bottom more saturated from your body heat, and conditions your panties on top to break the new panty smell.

3. Don't Use Perfume.

Your customers are buying your panties because they want to smell you. Don't cover up your perfect aroma with perfume of any kind, unless asked by the buyer to do so. It's okay to spray the outside of the ziploc bag, or on a hand written note however.

4. Wash But Don't Overwash.

Doctors agree that using perfumed soaps can be harmful to the vagina, according to NHS UK. If you have a vagina, it can clean itself pretty well, and use of fragrant soaps, creams and overwashing can destroy your vaginal PH. If you need to wash, it's recommend to use a basic, no additive, no fragrance soap. Skipping a day of showering is also a-okay, and the buyer will appreciate the extra smell.

5. Don't Fake Anything. Ever.

We've seen it in Netflix's Orange Is The New Black - faked body odor perfumes that are sprayed on to underwear to product maximum output. Don't do it. Don't use Elmer's glue to make fake discharge trails. Don't lend out your panties to your friends to wear and give them a cut. If you're producing more panties than time allows you to, or any faux decorations to pass as the real thing - your account will be suspended. Plus, it's not the Foxie way!

6. Exceed The Unwrapping Expectations.

You know when you get a brand new phone, and it comes in a beautifully packaged box? The unwrapping of the phone and feeling all the smooth new textures is majestic. Now imagine the same phone came in just a regular cardboard box without anything else, not even a welcome booklet. It's the same phone with the same functions, but you'd be a bit disappointed with the lack of attention to detail and underwhelming opening experience, wouldn't you? Now imagine you're the buyer of your freshly used panties, and you can't wait to open that package up to feel the textures of the panties and the aromas within. You feel the rush as you open the package, only to find a sandwich bag with crumpled up panties and nothing else. So how do you exceed the opening experience? Add flair - perfectly rolled or folded panties in a tight, air free ziplock, with a kiss mark on a note thanking the customer with a cute 3D sticker of a kitten. Get creative - if you need ideas, head over to $1 store!

7. Talk To Your Customers.

Some customers like to sample a new seller with every order. Some customers like to remain loyal to a particular seller or two. It's those repeat customers that will bring you in great deals of cash, especially what the industry calls "pay pigs" (we prefer foxaholics). An exchange of just a few emails could potentially land you a foxaholic who drops thousands of dollars on your panties each month. Our best advice - treat every customer as if they're a foxaholic.