Seller Classifications: Genders & Identities

We respect and honor all gender and gender identities with our sellers, though we understand there may at times be disagreements between opinions on labeling people with their sexuality or gender. That's why we've created the classification system below that outlines rules and expectations of sellers in order to post in a certain category.

  • Female Title: Foxie
  • Female Title: Foxlette
  • Female Title: Vixen
  • Transgender Title: FoxTrap
  • Male Title: FoxCross
  • Male Title: DogFox

  • Female Title: Foxie
    A Foxie is a female panty seller who started as a Foxlette recruit. Each month, the top selling Foxlette is offered the title of Foxie. Foxies will be featured on marketing promotions including, but not limited to, email promotions, magazines, posters, calendars, and public appearances
    Female Title: Foxlette
    A Foxlette is a female amateur panty seller, or as we prefer, a recruit. Some sellers may be brand new to the industry, or have years of panty selling experience. Our verified seller ratings ensure that our recruits are in tip-top shape for selling, so that you can buy with peace of mind.
    Female Title: Vixen
    A Vixen is a a female seller who has a significant online presence. Vixens can be porn stars, online personalities, or select webcam models. Vixens are assessed individually and verified with photo ID and supporting documents.
    Transgender Title: FoxTrap
    A FoxTrap is a male-to-female, or female-to-male transgender panty seller, and is taken from the slang word trap, referring to a passable male-to-female transgender woman. These sellers are different than our crossdresser classification, in that they identify as a full time woman, and take extra steps that the "most people" would agree makes them transgender. This would include but certainly not limited to, top surgery, bottom surgery, or hormone treatments.
    Male Title: FoxCross
    FoxCross is a male seller who identifies as male, but occasionally enjoys dressing and/or playing the role of a woman. All male sellers are allowed to post in this section, however we ask the sellers be passable when posting here.
    Male Title: DogFox
    A "dog fox" is the term for a male fox, and so our DogFox sellers are male sellers. The products posted here can be men in panties, or men's underwear. For male crossdressers, we ask that these items be posted in the FoxCross section.