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We Give Back To Our Comunity

At Foxies Panties, we give back a portion of our proceeds to charities every month. Our commitment is to improve our community by donating to human rights charities such as LBGTQ awareness and sexual abuse resources.

Below you'll find our monthly donations and a link to the charity of the month.

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If you have a 501(c)(3) Organization you would like to submit to us to donate to, please contact our support team with your verifying tax documents. Your organization will be considered alongside other applicants, and will be verified via the IRS EO Check Tool.

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Get Credits For Charity Work

Volunteers Rewards Program

Do you have recent charity volunteer work under your belt? Email your supporting documents verifying your volunteer time to any LGBTQ or sexual abuse organization, and we'll cash you out with 5 Panty Points per hour, up to 40 hours!

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