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Shipping & Delivery
At Foxies Panties, our sellers are all across the World. For this reason, delivery times are not guaranteed, however all packages shipped out from our panty sellers are trackable. Tracking will be received shortly after the seller ships your order. The seller is fully responsible for the shipment and delivery of your products. If your package is delayed, lost, or stolen, you will need to contact the seller directly on their profile in order to reach resolution. Please note that sellers' schedules fluctuate, and so your order may not be started immediately after purchase. Popularity of the seller can, and will affect how long your order arrives. All orders are fulfilled in the order they are received.
Privacy & Security
We take privacy and security very seriously. Your information, both as buyer (customer) and as a seller will never be shared or sold, and is stored solely on our servers. Sensitive information such as credit card numbers, are not stored. We encrypt our website and our checkout with SSL encryption. We send out promotional emails if you subscribe to them, and you can unsubscribe from the emails by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of the email.
Due to the nature of the products we sell, all sales are final. We also understand that not everyone may enjoy a particular seller's scent. If this is the case, you will need to contact the seller directly from their profile page in order to meet resolution. Foxies Panties takes no responsibility in disputes between the buyer and seller.
We've made the used panty buying system as simple as possible. Underwear is categorized in 3 sections - womens, mens, and transgender products. Before you can add your item to the shopping cart, you will first need to select how many days you'd like them worn, and any additional options you'd like the seller to perform on the item. Our order checkout will guide you through the easy steps of ordering - please make sure to double check your order and shipping information before confirming payment.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
All pricing for the items in our store are set by the seller of the items. The seller may run promotions on some items, and Foxies Panties takes no responsibility for promotions ran by the sellers. Payments are to be taken strictly on our secured checkout. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, prepaid debits, and Bitcoin. Do not send payment directly to the seller. This will result in immediate termination of both the buyer and seller account. Do not mail in payments to any addresses provided on our website.
Updating Account Information
For both sellers and buyers, you are responsible for the accurate and up to date information on your account with Foxies Panties. You can view and edit your information by logging into your customer account here. Foxies Panties does not take responsibility for orders shipped to the wrong address due to inaccurate information in your account.


Is Shipping Discrete?
Yes - All sellers are instructed to ship with either an official USPS envelope, or with a plain manila envelope. Shipping labels are printed from the sellers home printer and taped to the front of the packaging. The label will have no indication of the contents of the package, nor will it read our company name. The return name will read as Shipping Department, with our company return address. You can request for the seller to ship your item in a regular letter via USPS. If this is the case, you will not receive tracking for the order, and unless the seller has professionally printed return stickers, it will be written by hand.
Can I make Custom Requests?
Yes - To make a custom request, you will need to contact the seller directly in order to discuss your requirements further. PLEASE NOTE: Our sellers are instructed NOT to send any orders containing fecal matter, or any bodily fluid in liquid form (eg, a bottle containing urine, saliva, semen, etc). Do not harass the seller if they are not able to fulfill your requests. Reports of verbal abuse or threats to our sellers will result in immediate termination of your account, and reports to local authorities if necessary.
What Happens After Purchase?
After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation email, and the seller will be notified of the order with your requirements. It's important to note that popularity of the seller and other outside factors could impact the time it takes to fulfill your order. All orders are fulfilled by the seller in the order they are received. After the seller wears the items as indicated, your item will be shipped out and you will receive a tracking confirmation email.
How Do I Know The Panties Are Being Worn As Ordered?
This is something we take very seriously. All sellers are instructed to wear the items for the amount of time selected, and perform the actions indicated on the order. We closely monitor backorders for our sellers, and if we notice the seller is sending out more items than physically possible, the seller will be removed. To further confirm they are indeed being worn as indicated, you can also purchase a photo set which shows the seller wearing and performing the actions on the item as indicated on the order.
Are The Panties Shipped Wet?
Our sellers are asked to ship the panties as dry as possible, unless you request them otherwise. The reason for this is is to help keep the moisture inside the shipment as low as possible. More moisture means more opportunities for mildew to form, and thus a change in the original aroma of the items. The sellers are asked to seal all items in a ziploc bag, though some may ship them in an airtight vacuum seal, if available. If you have questions about how your items will be shipped, please read the sellers policies on their profile or contact them directly.
How Do I Maintain The Freshness Of The Panties?
To store the panties for maximum freshness, we recommend double sealing them and storing it in a cool, dry area. The smell and aroma of the panties can be restored by heating it with a hot air blowdryer, or sometimes by placing them in the microwave for a 5 to 10 seconds. When resealing the panties after use, make sure to push out as much as air possible. You can also stick a straw in the ziploc bag and manually suck out the air. If you have vacuum seal bags, this will provide maximum freshness. If stored properly, the scent of the used panties can last between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the options you selected during checkout.
What Are Panty Points?
Foxies Panties will reward you for all purchases in our store. You will earn one Panty Point for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed during checkout, for up to 5% of your order total. Panty Points are not cash redeemable, and cannot be transferred between accounts. You will also earn Panty Points for certain actions performed in our store, such as using a like/share button, registering for a customer account, and subscribing to our newsletter.
What Are The Names Of The Sellers About?
Each seller type is attributed as their own branded name. The names distinguish between the sellers for a more brandable and user friendly experience. You can read the descriptions of each seller type by clicking on their category in the menu links. More info can be found here.
What Is Seller Verification?
Every seller is fully verified before they are able to post on Foxies Panties. Sellers must provide a valid government photo ID or passport, along with a a selfie holding the identification by their face, further confirming their identity. We follow 18 USC 2257 Compliance.

If this does not answer your question, please email our support team at, or text us at +1 971-319-3126. Please include your name, order number (if applicable), and a brief message. We return all messages within 48 business hours. Sorry, we do not offer live phone support at the moment.