How To Buy Used Panties With Bitcoin

Finally - you can anonymously purchase dirty panties using bitcoin. Don't know what bitcoin is, or how to use it? Just follow these simple steps below.

  1. Create a BitCoin wallet by signing up and registering at Coinbase, or your choice of bitcoin wallets.
  2. Connect your bank account and/or Credit Card.
  3. Opt for BitCoin on checkout using your iPhone or other mobile device or the displayed payment address
  4. That's it!  Just like Paypal or Dwolla, not only can you use any Visa, MasterCard, or bank account to pay for your order, but we'll discount your total by 3% automatically behind the scenes! 

Bitcoin FAQ

What is BitCoin?

BitCoin is essentially a digital form of currency used for instantly and securely transferring value to and from anyone, anywhere in the world.  Not controlled by any government or bank, it is managed on an open network by its users.
Is BitCoin like Paypal or Visa/MasterCard?
While BitCoin was designed to be used for payments on the internet, it is not dependent on banks or other private institutions in order to process transactions.  It is a complete open payment network and what it is used for cannot be dictated by an individual or company.
How can I purchase BitCoins?
There are a number of ways in which our customers can purchase and use BitCoins in exchange for our products.  One of the more popular and easier ways of obtaining BitCoins is by using Coinbase although a number of other services can be found simply by asking Google.  We recommend using Coinbase to buy BitCoin as they offer a variety of useful features including a USD based digital wallet. With their USD wallet, you'll be able to buy and sell bitcoins even faster!
How do I get my 3% discount?
We automatically calculate a 3% discount on all orders paid for with BitCoin.  Because we aren’t subjected to the insanely high fees that Visa and MasterCard typically impose, we’ll pass these savings along to you in exchange for your effort in taking this extra step to do business with us. 
How does it work?
On checkout, simply select the payment option for BitCoin and we’ll display a payment address that you will send payment to using your BitCoin Wallet.  Payments can be sent via online wallets, mobile wallets, and even hardware wallets!  Once payment is received (typically within 15 minutes) we’ll mark your order as paid and ship same-day as usual.     You’ll receive a confirmation plus tracking email and we’ll be sure to make it's clear that your order is on the way!  

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